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Our research is organized into five clusters, spanning the basic sciences, clinical sciences, social and behavioral sciences and public health. Working together across disciplines, our faculty and students are bringing the latest knowledge and advancements into our classrooms, clinics and offices in Minnesota and beyond.

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Behavioral, Public Health and Educational Research Faculty

Michelle Arnett, RDH, MS - Motivational interviewing and periodontology.

Phonsuda Chanthavisouk

Priscilla Flynn, DrPH, MPH, LDH, CHES - HPV vaccination recommendation and provision by dental providers.

Angela Hastings, DMD

Boyen Huang, DDS, MHA, PhD - Teledentistry and Risk Factors of Oral Conditions.

Mike John, PhD, DMD, MPH

Keith Mays, DDS, MS, PhD

Karin Quick, PhD, DDS

Yvette Reibel, EdD, LDH - Obstructive sleep apnea and curriculum assessment/development.

Sheila Riggs, DDS, MS, DMSc

Karl Self, DDS, MBA

Aparna Shivanand Ingleshwar

Cynthia Stull, DHSc, MDH, RDH

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Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Technology Faculty

Robert Jones, DDS, PhD - Developing strategies to reduce biofilm coverage and effects of sucrose exposure.

Isha Mutreja, PhD, MSc - Osseointegrated devices.

Alex Fok, PhD, MSc - Stress and structural analysis of biomaterials.

Hooi Pin Chew, BDS, FDSRCS, PhD - Development of in vivo diagnostics for dental caries.

Jorge Perdigao-Henriques, DMD, MS, PhD - Dental adhesives, composite resins and dental whitening.

Thorsten Gruenheid, DDS, Dr med dent, PhD, MHA - Orthodontic materials.

Dhiraj Kumar, PhD - Development of nanoparticulate composite for biomedical applications.

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Oral Microbiology, Virology, Immunology and Cancer Faculty

Massimo Costalonga, DMD, PhD - Host-microbe interaction at the mucosal interface.

Sven Gorr, PhD - Development of antimicrobial peptides.

Mark Herzberg, DDS, PhD - Oral microbiology.

Paul Jardine, BSc, DUT, PhD - Virus structure and assembly.

Bruno Lima, DDS, PhD - Bacterial-environmental interactions.

Louis Mansky, PhD - Viral mutagenesis, evolution and particle assembly and transmission.

Julie Olson, PhD - CNS immune response to viral infection.

Rajaram Gopalakrishnan, BDS, PhD - Head and neck cancer.

Chong Wang, PhD - Epstein-Barr viral infection and cancer development.

Wei Zhang, PhD - Structural analysis of enveloped viruses.

Larry Wolff, MS, PhD, DDS - Bacterial etiology of periodontal diseases.

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Systems Biology of the Orofacial Complex Faculty

Kristin Artinger, PhD - Development of craniofacial structures.

David Bereiter, PhD - Peripheral and central mechanisms of craniofacial pain.

Eric Jensen, PhD - Regulation of bone health and disease.

Serhii Khasabov, MD, PhD - Development of pain sensitization and hyperalgesia.

Iryna Khasabova, PhD - Mechanisms of cancer pain.

Donald Simone, PhD - Neural encoding of pain and hyperalgesia.

Rajaram Gopalakrishnan, BDS, PhD - Mechanisms of bone remodeling.

Estephan Moana Filho, DDS, MS, PhD - Chronic temporomandibular joint pain.

Donald Nixdorf, DDS, MS - Diagnosis and management of chronic orofacial pain.

Kim Mansky, PhD - Cell signaling in bone remodeling.

Amy Tasca, DDS, PhD - Bone biology and osteoclast differentiation.

Julie Olson, PhD - Autoimmune disease and pain.

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Clinical and Translational Research Faculty

Heather Conrad, DMD, MS, FACP, FRCD(C)

Ronald Ordinola Zapata, DDS, MS, PhD

Alvin Wee, DDS, BDS, MS, MPH, PhD - Color science of restorative materials.

Keith Mays, DDS, MS, PhD

WookJin Seong, DDS, MS, PhD, FACP - Mechanical properties of long bone.

William Noblett, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD

Paul Olin, DDS, MS - CAD/CAM prosthetics and Implants.

Gary Hildebrandt, DDS, MS

Ioannis Koutlas, DDS, MS

Mike John, PhD, DMD, MPH - Assessment of outcomes of common oral treatments.

Eric Schiffman, DDS, MS - Diagnostic criteria for TMD disorders.

Stephen Shuman, DDS, MS, FGSA - Treatment planning and care delivery of geriatric patients.

Hari S. Prasad - Hard tissue research lab.