Larry Wolff, MS, PhD, DDS

Larry Wolff


Office Address

17-164 Moos Tower 515 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences,
Division of Periodontology




DDS, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
Major: Dentistry

PhD, Northwestern University Medical and Dental School

MS, Minnesota State University

BA, Minnesota State University

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Dr. Larry F. Wolff is currently a full-time faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. At Minnesota State University, he earned a bachelor’s degree with majors in Chemistry and Biology (1966-1970) and then a master’s degree (1971) in Biology/Microbiology. Dr. Wolff was accepted in 1971 into the doctoral training program at Northwestern University Medical and Dental School in Chicago, Illinois and after three years earned a PhD Degree, Microbiology, in 1974. He initiated his dental school training at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and received his DDS degree in 1978. Dr. Wolff went on to earn a specialty degree in periodontics from New York University in 1980.

Upon returning to Minnesota in 1980 as a full-time faculty member, he has served many roles over the past four plus decades. With respect to his research initiatives, Dr. Wolff has been principal or co-principal investigator on multiple NIH/NIDCR and corporate grants and authored more than 125 publications in peer reviewed journals. In addition to research initiatives, Dr. Wolff has served the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry on numerous committees including search committees and often as chair of these committees. With respect to significant administrative positions in the School of Dentistry, he served from 2004-2015 as Department Chair of Developmental and Surgical Sciences (Divisions of Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Cleft Palate) as well as chair of the School’s Promotion and Tenure Committee. In addition to numerous School of Dentistry teaching awards from Students; in 2019, Dr. Wolff received from the University of Minnesota the prestigious award, “Distinguished University Teaching Professor”. Dr. Wolff continues serving full-time at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry fulfilling academic roles in teaching, research, service, and administration.

Research Interest

Dr. Wolff teaches and pursues research interests in the field of periodontology. His basic research interest focuses on the bacterial etiology of periodontal diseases, new diagnostic techniques to identify bacteria in plaque, the role of cytokines in the periodontal disease process, the expression of virulence factors by periodontopathic bacteria and the host response to those virulence factors. On the clinical side, he's currently pursuing studies of antimicrobial therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease and is also exploring the relationship between periodontal disease and a variety of systemic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the area of antimicrobial therapy, Dr. Wolff studies the role of local delivery of antimicrobial therapy and systemic antibiotics as adjuncts in treating periodontal disease. Other areas of current research interest include the effect of smoking on periodontal disease status and as a risk factor for progressive periodontitis, subgingival temperature as a diagnostic aid, and the effect of sonic toothbrushes in reducing plaque and gingival inflammation around implants. More recently, Dr. Wolff has pursued interest surrounding tissue regeneration and growth factors as related to regeneration of the periodontium. Currently, Dr. Wolff is pursuing longitudinal studies surrounding the success of dental implants in diabetic patients and analyzing large data bases in determining systemic and other risk factors for periodontitis and periimplantitis.


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Public Funding

 Calcium Sulfate Compound (CSC) for the Restoration of Severe Peri-Implantitis bony defects under the non-submerged healing Condition: A clinical Feasibility Study. IDE No. Q220229. PI: Seong, Wookjin and other Co-Investigators; Wolff LF – Medical Monitor. Internally funded, submitted in 2023.

Biofunctional Sealant with Junctional Epithelium Inspired Peptides for Extended performance of Class V Restorations. PI: Nicholas Fischer, Co-investigator: Conrado Aparicio, Consultant: Larry Wolff; NIH F30 Grant Submitted in 2019.

Diabetes and periodontal trial – NIDCR no-cost extension for data analysis. Bryan Michalowicz, PI and Larry Wolff, consultant, 2014.

Immunodominant Stress Proteins of Porphyromonas gingivalis—Multicenter. NIDCR. Total direct cost $1,250,000. Study PI: Dennis Lopatin, University of Michigan; Minnesota PI: Larry Wolff. Direct and indirect cost to Minnesota: $373,750. Score: 137; Funded, April 2009.

Diabetes and periodontal therapy clinical trial—Multicenter study. NIDCR, total direct costs presented $1,586,111 and indirect costs $2,328,987. Received score of 140 and has been approved for funding beginning in July, 2009-2014. Overall study PI: Engelbretsen, SUNY at Stony Brook; Minnesota PI: Michalowicz; Minnesota Co-investigator: Larry Wolff.

Obstetrics and Periodontal Therapy Study. NIDCR Total Direct/Indirect cost: $7.2 million. 
PI: Bryan Michalowicz, Consulting Periodontist: Larry Wolff.

Minnesota Craniofacial Research Training Program. NIDCR Total Direct/Indirect cost $5.5 million. PI: Mark Herzberg. Faculty Mentor: Larry Wolff.

Short-term Training Grant for Students in Health Professional Schools. PI: Robert Ophaug, $270,000. Faculty Mentor: Larry Wolff.

Graduate Medical Education Grant. Regents Hospital. Award toward training Advanced Education Students. Clinical Faculty: Larry Wolff.

Short Term Training Grant for Minority and Women Dental Students. NIDR 1 T35 DE07271-01, 1994-1999. Total direct cost $134,004. PI: Larry Wolff.

Training Grant for Minority Dental Students. 1994-1999. University of Minnesota Office of Minority Affairs, $56,250. PI: Larry Wolff.

The Clinical Research Center for Periodontal Diseases Center Project, “Bacterial Risk for Periodontal Disease”. NIDR Grant No. 1-P50-DEO8489-01, 1998-1993. Total award $583,116. Dr. Wolff was PI of this subproject of the Clinical Research Center for Periodontal Diseases.

Periodontal Disease in Twins: Bacterial Risk Factor. NIDR Grant No. RO1-DE-07223, 1993-1996, $237,054. Dr. Wolff is a clinical and laboratory sub-investigator on this grant.

Institutional Dentist Scientist Award. $2,263,354. Dr. Wolff is a faculty mentor, funding began in mid-1990. This NIH grant was one of seven recently recommended for renewal by the National Advisory Council of the National Institute for Dental Research for another five-year term.

Short Term Training Grant for Students in Health Professional Schools. $270,000 6/1/90 to 5/31/95. Dr. Wolff was a faculty mentor.

Periodontal Disease in Twins, NIDR Grant No. RO1-DE-08158, 1987-1990. Total direct cost award: $232,244. Dr. Wolff was a clinical and laboratory sub-investigator.

Clinical Effect of Toothbrushing with 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Gel on Gingivitis. NIDR Contract, DE 52556, $213,331, 9/9/85-12/8/87. Dr. Wolff was a Co-Principal Investigator on this grant.

Periodontal Disease - Role of Spirochetes, NIDR DE 53620 $50,070, 7/15/85 - 6/30/87.
Dr. Wolff was a clinical investigator on this grant.

The Use of Phase Contrast Microscopic Evaluation of Subgingival Plaque in Combination with Either Conventional or Antimicrobial Home Treatment of Patients with Periodontal Inflammation. Contract NIH Grant, DE 12433, $714,948.00 10/81-7/85. Dr. Wolff was a Co-Principal Investigator on this grant. 

Microbial Etiology and Prediction of Periodontal Disease, NIH Grant, RO1 DE 504-01A1, $268,889.00 2/1/80-1/31/83. Dr. Wolff was a clinical and laboratory sub-investigator on this grant.

University of Minnesota Graduate School Grant. $8,024 FY 1983-84. “Detection of Lactate Dehydrogenase in Gingival Crevicular Fluid,” PIDrWolff.

Private Funding

Placement of Hydrophilic TiZr Implants to Enhance Implant Survival in Diabetic Patients: a multicenter, prospective, Two-Arm, Cohort Study. Straumann. ($67,352.14) 2016-2024 PI: Larry Wolff

Supplementary funding for “Local delivery therapy in treatment of periodontal disease,” SunStar Americas. ($33,327) 2008, PI: Larry Wolff.

Supplementary funding ($15,000) for “Antimicrobial local delivery therapy in treatment of periodontal disease,” SunStar Americas. 2008, PI: Larry Wolff.

Local delivery of a minocycline agent in the treatment of periodontal disease. SunStar-Butler. PI: Dr. Larry Wolff; funded 2005 ($218,857); project dates 2005 – 2007.

Surface free energy of a gold alloy system. Captek Division of Precious Chemicals Ltd. Funded 2004. Co-investigator: Dr. Larry Wolff

Treatment of Post-Surgical Root Sensitivity. GlaxoSmithKline. Funded* in 2001; project dates 2001 - 2002. PI: Dr. Wolff.

A Pilot Study to Characterize the Incidence of Dentinal Sensitivity due to Periodontal Surgery. Sponsor: The Block Drug Company-submitted February 2000. Funded* PIDrWolff. Contact was initiated and study completed in 2000.

Travel/Research Grant from Private Corporation to attend Dental and Research Meetings. Funded* December 1998 PI: Wolff

Efficacy Evaluation of a Local Antimicrobial Agent for Treating Periodontal Disease. December 1998 to March 2000. Funded* PI: Dr. Wolff.

Calibration of Clinical Trials. October 1, 1996, to July 1997. PI: Dr. Wolff.

Adjunctive Treatment of Periodontitis with an Antimicrobial Agent. Funded* January 1, 1997, to August 30, 1998. PIDr. Wolff.

Development of DNA Probes for Identifying Periodontal Pathogens. 1996 Funded* PI: Dr. Wolff.

A Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of a NSAID for Periodontal Disease. Funded* 1995-1998. PIDrWolff.

Comparison of DNA Probe Test with Cultured Test. Funded* 1994-1996. PIDrWolff.

Efficacy of Sonic Toothbrush in Maintenance of Dental Implants. Funded* PIDrWolff

Application of a Topical Medicine. Funded* Dr. Wolff was a clinical sub-investigator on this grant.

A Non-Steroidal Antimicrobial Drug Effect on Crevicular Fluid Levels of Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes. Funded* 1989-92. PIDrWolff.

Minocin Periodontal Formulation in the Treatment of Periodontitis. 1989-1992. Funded* PIDrWolff.

Evaluation of a Test for Gingival Crevicular Fluid Enzymes. 1991. Funded* PIDrWolff.

Antimicrobial Periodontal Formulation Effect on Periodontal Disease Associated Bacteria. 1989-90. Funded* PIDrWolff.

Monoclonal Antibody Development. Funded* 1988-1990. PIDr. Wolff

Evaluation of Stannous Resistant Bacteria in Human Dental Plaque. Funded* 1987. PIDrWolff.

Effect of Irrigation with an Antimicrobial Agent on Gingivitis. Funded* 1986-87. PIDrWolff.