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New DEA Required Training

As a result of the MATE Act's enactment, dentists will need to complete an eight-hour training course focused on managing and treating patients with substance use disorders, including opioids. The deadline for completing this training is aligned with a practitioner's upcoming DEA registration submission, commencing June 27, 2023.

As an institution, we believe dental therapists will benefit greatly from taking this course, given the critical nature of the program.


DEA Required 8-hour Training for Opiate Prescribing and Pain Management for Dental Professionals - Zoom Webinar

June 9, 2023
Continuing Dental Education University of Minnesota
8:30 AM to 3:45 PM with pre-course reading requirement

Our course has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements set forth by the DEA. 

This course includes:

  1. Crucial information on the current state of substance use disorder and opioids  
  2. Practical guidance on caring for pediatric patients
  3. Meaningful conversation with a pharmacist, who will provide advice on pain management when your patients are taking common medications
  4. Insights into what occurs after referring a patient for assessment and treatment.


Letter from the DEA to registered practitioners

  • The Medication Access and Training Expansion Act, or MATE Act, was included in the omnibus spending bill that passed Congress at the end of 2022. 
  • This new law requires dentists to complete eight hours of training before receiving or renewing a Drug Enforcement Administration registration.
  • The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued guidance on March 28, 2023 regarding requirements for an eight-hour training on the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders.
  • The training is mandatory for all DEA-registered providers, as part of the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act passed in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2023 (P.L. 117-328).
  • The deadline for completing the training is the date of a practitioner's next scheduled DEA registration submission, starting from June 27, 2023.
  • To help dentists comply with the new requirements, the ADA has created an FAQ addressing common questions the Association has heard from members.
  • Practitioners will be required to check a box on their online DEA registration form to affirm that they have completed the training, regardless of whether the practitioner is a first-time applicant or is renewing their registration.