Collage of photos of the Nguyen family, the Samaroo family, and Vanessa Shinwen

Parenting as students brings balance to life

Every learner who comes to the School of Dentistry brings with them passion, excitement and a full life outside of school. For some students, that life involves being a parent—and though it’s challenging, these student parents wouldn’t have it any other way.

Headshot of Danna Paulson on a School of Dentistry branded background

Leading by example

Danna Paulson, MSDH, RDH, CCRP, researcher for the School of Dentistry, isn’t your typical study coordinator. And that is precisely what leads her to excel in the role.

A faculty member hugs a student while two others stand on stage during an awards ceremony

DDS Awards Ceremony celebrates Class of 2023

The annual event honors and celebrates graduates who have achieved special recognition for their dedication to excellence in specialties, clinical care, research, patient care and more. 


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