Oral Health Clinical Research Center Overview


The mission of the Oral Health Clinical Research Center (OHCRC) is to enhance oral health by transferring basic and applied research knowledge and new technical advances into patient-oriented research. This would enhance the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases.

Current Goals

  • improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral disease
  • encourage innovative approaches to clinical oral health research
  • provide research design, consulting and data analysis services to first time and experienced clinical researchers
  • link clinical researchers with the dental community
  • test new technologies in dental care or delivery
  • translate advances in the basic and applied sciences to the clinical setting

The current charge for the OHCRC is:

  1. Mentor faculty to submit funded clinical research.
  2. Provide research personnel and space for ongoing funded research, including the coordination of clinical research space needs within the School of Dentistry (SOD) clinical systems.
  3. Serve as liaison for SOD personnel with clinical services of the Clinical and Translation Science Institute (CTSI) – including services available through the Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC).
  4. Serve as liaison for SOD personnel with clinical services of the Institute for Health Informatics (IHI) to support data analytics, including data searches, to conduct research and identify target populations.  Provide data from large administrative datasets including access to shared data in the medical schools' Epic electronic health record and axiUm.
  5. Support graduate students' data collection for MS-level and PhD level thesis research.
  6. Develop a Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) within the SOD clinics
    1. Develop a Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) within the SOD Clinics
    2. Develop support for data collection and analysis for funded research proposals.
    3. Encourage future opportunities for outreach to the dental community.

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Core Units

The Administrative Core coordinates shared resources, facilities, and support services for clinical research in the School of Dentistry. The specific aims of this Core were directed to stimulating, facilitating, administering, and evaluating pilot studies that can lead to applications for expanded grant support. Pilot studies are administered under the purview of the director. This Core is also responsible for providing research space and personnel to support funded research projects.

The Research Core is the focus for biostatistics, experimental design, data management and data analysis for the School of Dentistry. The Core provides investigators with access for statistical and epidemiological consultations. The Specific Aims of this Core are to enhance clinical research, behavioral science, health services research and provide assistance at all stages of research projects: planning, randomization, data collection/management, data analysis, and reporting.

Clinic Description

The Clinic maintains a fully equipped multi-purpose research clinic consisting of 10 dental operatories - 2 private enclosed and 8 open operatories. There is office space for the director and study personnel. Storage space is available for research equipment. Our staff includes study managers/dental hygienists, a PhD level epidemiologist, and dentists. There are MS and PhD level biostatisticians from BDAC affiliated with the clinic. We are able to conduct FDA phase II and III clinical protocols for industry and have the capability and infrastructure to conduct many types of clinical studies dealing with oral health care products and procedures. Parking is available in the Washington Avenue ramp across from the SOD.

Advanced Degree Students

Advanced degree students can use Center resources in their research. It is anticipated that most students will be at the master's degree level while concurrently being trained in a clinical specialty.

Oral Health Clinical Research Center (OHCRC)

eric schiffman

Director: Dr. Eric Schiffman, DDS, MS
School of Dentistry
7th Floor, Moos Tower
515 Delaware Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-625-5146
Cell: 651-338-3344
Email: [email protected]

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