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Dentistry Only Job Board

Hire a Grad

Our new job board will allow Minnesota dentists and School of Dentistry alumni from all over to post doctor of dental surgery, dental therapy and dental hygiene employment opportunities for School of Dentistry students and graduates. Please follow this link to post a job! If you are not a Minnesota dentist or school alumni, please see the information below for other job posting opportunities. 

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Post a job opportunity in our Linkedin group University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

The University of Minnesota uses Handshake, an internet-based resource to help connect students and alumni with organizations that provide employment, volunteer, and internships throughout the world. It's free for employers to create an account and post jobs, and it's open to both students and alumni. Visit to login and get started.

Connect in Person

Alumni Lunch & Learn Series

Join our program for the alumni community.

In partnership with Student and Resident Affairs and Alumni Relations, we want to invite alumni back to campus to talk with current students about their experience in dental school and share exciting employment opportunities in the dental community.

This unique program is only offered to the alumni community because we know current students will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of alumni practicing in diverse settings. 

Learn more! 

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These sessions are offered over lunch (12:05-12:50 pm). Day of the week depends on speaker and student schedules and can be held virtually, if requested. 

Sometimes alumni provide lunch for students, but it is optional and not required for alumni participation. 

What do I talk about?

  1. Talk about yourself! What was dental school like for you? How did you decide to practice where you do? What led you there? What would you do differently? What advice do you have for current students?
  2. What is it like to work at your practice? What things should you keep in mind when deciding if it's a good fit? Are there any current openings?

How do I sign up?

Sign up here:

We do our best to accommodate each request, but we want to provide students with diverse opportunities throughout the year.

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association offers career webinars, virtual networking events, online videos, and faculty speaking events. Find out more here.

Introducing Alumni Insights

Dental school often feels overwhelming and overpowering. Students might not know what to expect or where to turn for support. That's why we are excited to introduce Alumni Insights, an opportunity for students to connect with a recent graduate. 

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What is Alumni Insights?

The program was established at the suggestion of a recent alumna. It is intended to foster connections between recent alumni and current DDS3 and DDS4 students, in an effort to:

  • Provide guidance and encouragement
  • Help students navigate the transition from dental student to dental professional, resident, researcher, and/or faculty
  • Promote networking opportunities with recent graduates that have shared the same experiences, backgrounds, and/or identities

The program is NOT intended to:

  • Be a long-term, formal mentoring relationship
  • Serve as a therapy or counseling program, or substitute for such services
  • Provide students with access to job placements, externship experiences, and/or job recommendations

Interactions between students and alumni may be as minimal as one meaningful conversation or a quick email or phone call check in, while others may extend beyond initial communication, at the discretion of the alumni-student pairing.

How it works

Alumni and students will be matched by School of Dentistry staff based on shared characteristics and interests. Participants will then meet one-on-one for an open-ended discussion, either electronically or face to face. Topics of discussion could include, but aren't limited to academic challenges, difficulty with faculty or patients, questions about what comes next or how to be successful and happy during school. Our hope is to create a meaningful experience for students navigating dental school and looking forward to the profession ahead.

Additional details regarding the program and program expectations can be found here

Alumni Insights is an excellent opportunity for you to give back and share what you wish you had known as a dental student. If you are interested in participating in the Alumni Insights program, please complete the Alumni Insights application  Applications and pairings will be made on a rolling basis. If you have any questions about the program, you can reach out to the Alumni Office at [email protected].