Equipment Model Application
Contact Profiler #1, 2 MDRCBB Method to measure changes in surface contour for volume wear measurements.
Acoustic Emissions   Method to detect and monitor interfacial debonding.
Artificial Resynthesis Technology ART I,II,IV, MDRCBB Simulation of oral challenges.
Digital Image Correlation System LA Vision A powerful tool to visualize polymerization and shrinkage in resign composites
Contact Angle Analyzer   Measures surface tension of liquids, contact angle of the liquid solid interface, and the effect of liquid absorbencies.
Furnace 47900, Thermolyne, Thermo Fisher Scientific Industrial Benchtop Muffle Furnace, which reaches a maximum temperature of 1200°C
Microhardness Testing Machine 5104 Micromet, Buehler Micro indentation hardness tester. Test load range of 10gf-1000fg
Infra-Red Camera SC600, FLIR A tool to see and accurately quantify heat patterns, leakage, dissipation, and other heat related factors in equipment, products, and processes in real time.
Optical Scanner Lava Scan ST, 3M Noncontact digital profiler. Accurately digitizes surfaces for measurements in changes in surface volume.
Low Speed Saw Isomet 11-1180, Buehler  
Materials Testing Machine MTS 858 Mini Bionix II, 810 Servo-hydraulic MTS testing systems used as a tool to study failure mechanisms and crack propagation through the measurement of progressive changes in structural compliance during fatigue loading.
Micro-CT Machine H225 X-teck XT, Nikon Nondestructive way to provide high resolution 3D digital imaging.
SEM-EDS Tabletop Microscope TM3000, Hitachi Tool to analyze wear patterns on materials which may show surface breakdown, combined with elemental chemical analysis using X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).
Thermo Cycling Instrument NH, Sabri Dental Enterprises Thermo-Cycling Testing Instrument with Hot and cold bath units.
Potentiostat   Dynamic Corrosion Test
Bioreactor MDRCBB Tool for the development and assessment of preventive and therapeutic agents.
Virtual Dental Patient (VDP) MDRCBB Software which provides a realistic simulation of the oral environment.

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