DDS Student Profiles

Get to know some of the students who make up our Doctor of Dental Surgery program.

Class of 2025

Simon Broccard, DDS '22

 “Not only did I experience what life is like as a rural dental provider, but I was also able to get involved in the community through a creative project."

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Sung-Ju Kim headshot

Sung-Ju Kim

"My classmates have big hearts, which make me want to do my best in supporting them in their journey toward becoming dental practitioners."

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Cecilia Lovinger

Cecilia Lovinger

"The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry sets itself apart by achieving high educational standards paralleled with an unmatched collaborative environment."

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Headshot of Roland Oyou

Roland Oyou

“I believe a health care system that reflects its patient population and holds providers to high standards of teamwork and collaboration is the key to positively improving healthcare disparities in all communities.”

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Class of 2024

Anh Ngo

Anh Ngo

"People here really care, and they go above and beyond to help you succeed."

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Class of 2023

Simran Baath

Simran Baath

"The experience we receive within the clinics and on Outreach equips us with the skills we need to be successful dentists for our communities.

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Isabella Christianson Garcia

Isabella Christianson Galina

"It is our responsibility as dental students and dental professionals to help reduce the barriers that lead to inequity."

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Headshot of Khaled Daifallah

Khaled Daifallah

“Practicing on patients and learning as you progress has been one of the best parts of dental school for me. You are exposed to a variety of patients, so you’re always learning.” 

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Headshot of Meera Damodaran

Meera Damodaran

“There are so many opportunities to learn, grow and connect beyond the traditional dental school curriculum.”

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Abigale Enrici headshot

Abigale Enrici

“Being in clinic now, I am reinforcing the things I learned in my classes, and I continue to learn more every day.”

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Headshot of Jose Gigato

Jose Gigato

“I was introduced to all the programs and initiatives the school was trying to implement to make social justice and delivering care to the underserved a priority.” 

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Headshot of Emerson Gonyea

Emerson Gonyea

“The school offers many opportunities to get involved and to network, which will continue to pay off in my career down the road”

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Headshot of Sam Hanson

Sam Hanson

“I continue to learn about dentistry every day at the University of Minnesota, and I feel I will be prepared to go directly into practice after I graduate.”

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Headshot of Ciara Houser

Ciara Houser

“Our outreach experiences prepare us to be competent, efficient and compassionate oral health care providers following graduation.”

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Arpun Johal

Arpun Johal

"The students, faculty and staff at the School of Dentistry inspire me every day with their kindness, compassion and drive. They motivate me to be my best self."

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Headshot of Randi Johnson

Randi Johnson

“Dental school can be challenging, but it’s also a place where you will make some of your best friends and memories.”

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Headshot of Carter Lukenda

Carter Lukenda

“Being an educated and knowledgeable clinician is something I take pride in, and want to be able to provide for my patients.”

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Headshot of Kevin Marzolf

Kevin Marzolf

“There is so much to learn beyond attending class that goes into developing as a great clinician. Not to mention, this involvement allowed me to create friendships with many dental school classmates.”

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Headshot of Mahmoud Mire

Mahmoud Mire

“I chose the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry for its commitment to public health, research and the continuing development of dental professionals.”

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Headshot of Nik Shah

Nikunj Shah

“At the School of Dentistry, we get a great clinical experience, leading us to be more competent providers when we graduate.”

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Headshot of Erik Skoe

Erik Skoe

“Because of the school’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, I strongly believe that dentists trained at the University of Minnesota will be equipped to go to any community and provide culturally-responsive care.” 

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