DDS Student Profiles

Get to know some of the students who make up our Doctor of Dental Surgery program.

Class of 2025

Sung-Ju Kim headshot

Sung-Ju Kim

"My classmates have big hearts, which make me want to do my best in supporting them in their journey toward becoming dental practitioners."

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Cecilia Lovinger

Cecilia Lovinger

"The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry sets itself apart by achieving high educational standards paralleled with an unmatched collaborative environment."

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Headshot of Roland Oyou

Roland Oyou

“I believe a health care system that reflects its patient population and holds providers to high standards of teamwork and collaboration is the key to positively improving healthcare disparities in all communities.”

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Class of 2024

Headshot of Carson Dennis

Carson Dennis

“My studies at the University of Minnesota have prepared me well to conquer the daily challenges I may encounter as a dentist, and it has empowered me to serve my community to the best of my abilities.”

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Headshot of Gia Fisher

Gia Fisher

“Students and faculty work as a team, and we all learn from each other. This is one of the best learning environments I have ever been in.” 

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Headshot of Archita Jain

Archita Jain

“My favorite thing about the School of Dentistry is the breadth of opportunities offered. There is something for everybody to get involved in, whether that is community service, leadership or research.”

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Headshot of Cole Johnson

Cole Johnson

“Whether I practice in a rural town or hold volunteering events there, I would like to provide dental support for those that are underserved.” 

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Headshot of Mariah Johnson

Mariah Johnson

“There are so many clubs and activities that are available to us as dental students. They have enhanced my education and taught me so much.” 

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Anh Ngo

Anh Ngo

"People here really care, and they go above and beyond to help you succeed."

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Headshot of Destiny Schmitz

Destiny Schmitz

“Clinical excellence is a space where the University of Minnesota stands out.” 

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Headshot of Vanessa Shinwen

Vanessa Shinwen

“Community outreach helps bridge the gap and makes a big difference in improving the quality of life of underserved populations.”

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