Gifts from our alumni | A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean

This is the time of year when some of us participate in a gift exchange related to one of the many holidays this month. Over the years, I have fond memories of gifts small and large that made me smile and allowed me to see how someone else was thinking about me. This past year as a school, we have received significant gifts that will tremendously impact our programs. I am humbled and thankful for each and every one of them.

As we emerge from the pandemic’s restrictions, we’ve established new and reinstated some old norms. Meeting in person is an old norm that’s returned. Erin Elliott, Director of Alumni Affairs, coordinated two great events connecting alumni and students: Dinner with a Dentist and Alumni Lunch and Learns. Dinner with a Dentist is a fabulous program where an alumnus provides a meal for a small group of students and shares their experiences in the profession, answers student questions, and helps them to see what is on the other side of school. Lunch and Learns feature an alumna/us who returns to the school over the lunch hour to share their experience in dental school and exciting opportunities in the dental community.

The alumni who participate in these two events are giving the gift of time. The gift of time is valuable—sometimes more valuable than tangible financial gifts. (As Dean, I still want financial gifts!)  Thank you to each alumnus for their gift of time this year, sharing their experiences, knowledge, and supporting our students' continued development into oral health professionals. Your contributions make the School of Dentistry shine a little brighter.

2022 Lunch and Learns & Dinners with a Dentist:

  • Owning a Practice right out of Dental School: Brandon Karels, DDS 2021
  • Informal Mentors: Jessie Edwards, DDS 2019 
  • Private Practice Rural vs. Metro: Mark Bachman 2002 & Jon Cruz DDS 2000
  • Owning Multiple Practices - Brad King, DDS 1981
  • Private Practice: Garrett Clause, DDS 2015
  • Specialist - Ortho: Maddy Gamble, DDS 2019, Ortho 2021
  • Rural Dentistry: Zachary Lechner, DDS 2011
  • Rural Dentistry: Katie Cargill, DDS 2009
  • Women in Dentistry: Angie Rake, DDS 1997, OMS 2002, Bridget Hotzler, MSDH 2019, Mary Vonhof, DDS 1986
  • Women-owned, Metro Practice: Angie Hilo, DDS 2002
  • Private & Rural Practice: Amy Ott, DDS 2014, Tom Van Someren, DDS 1999 
  • Community Clinic: Jason Kelbel, DDS 2008
  • Private Practice & OMS: Jason LaMoine DDS 1997 
  • Business of Dentistry: Jon Cruz, DDS 2000
  • Dinner with a Dentist: Woody Kwon DDS 2002
  • Solo Practice, Women-owned, Rural: Tiara Applequist DDS 2011