Providing Exemplary Care to LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults

Creating an informed, affirming, and welcoming dental or healthcare practice focused on the needs of LGBTQ and other sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth and young adults is essential. Compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers, LGBTQ+ youth and young adults are more likely to be uninsured, to delay or avoid care due to stigma, and report poor overall health. LGBTQ+ people say discrimination and stigmatizing experiences in health care, and providers' lack of awareness of relevant oral and general health issues as reasons care is delayed or avoided. This six-hour course aims to: 1.) define barriers to accessing and obtaining dental & medical care, 2.) identify health and well-being risks for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, 3.) remove obstacles to providing affirming care, and 4.) identify modifications to the dental or healthcare setting to appropriately care for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.

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October 9, 2021 8:30 am - October 9, 2021 3:45 pm

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Course Number: CF2873



Learn How To

Defining Barriers and Realities
  • Recognize sexual and gender identity formation experiences in LGBTQ+ youth and young adults
  • Identify barriers to high-quality overall health and oral health care among LGBTQ+ youth and young adults
  • Weigh the role of parents and guardians in the lives and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth and young adults
  • Appreciate the importance of pronoun use in patient conversations
  • Integrate current LGBTQ+ terminology into patient conversations
Identifying Risks
  • Define the “coming out” process, what it means, and its implications
  • Discuss tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use/misuse, including vaping, among LGBTQ+ youth and young adults
  • Analyze mental health and suicide risks for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, including disordered eating and body dysmorphia
  • Recognize the effects of gender-affirming therapy, including hormones and other treatment, on dental & overall health
Removing Barriers
  • Scrutinize health-related stereotypes and your own biases impact care for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults
  • Ask the correct questions with sensitivity
  • Remove bias from patient intake processes, health history practices, and record-keeping
Reshaping Your Practice
  • Adapt up-to-date strategies communications strategies in your dental or medical office setting
  • Utilize updated language in conversations
  • Update the physical environment and recordkeeping landscape of your dental or medical office
  • Attract and retain LGBTQ+ colleagues
  • Support transgender co-workers 

Training Methods

Illustrated lectures, panel discussions, case studies