School of Dentistry honors Dental Hygiene Class of 2022

Group photo of the members of the Dental Hygiene Class of 2022

The School of Dentistry celebrated the graduating dental hygiene Class of 2022 with a senior awards banquet on Thursday, July 21.

Cyndee Stull speaks to those gathered at the dental hygiene banquet
Cyndee Stull, DHSc, RDH, MDH, shares remarks before presenting awards.

Graduates gathered to celebrate and honor the entire graduating class, as well as announcing the winners of 15 awards.

“This is our favorite time of year,” reflected Cyndee Stull, DHSc, MDH, RDH, director of dental hygiene as she kicked off the evening. “Tonight, we get to say: job well done.”


Karl Self addresses attendees at the dental hygiene banquet
Karl Self, DDS, MBA, reflects on graduates' accomplishments.

Karl Self, DDS, MBA, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, shared a few words with attendees on their accomplishments. “Success is a combination of hard work, determination and drive,” he said. “You have just completed a rigorous program very successfully. Now it is time to take those efforts and initiatives into your future.” 


Dental Hygiene Awards

Kathleen J. Newell Dental Hygiene Student Achievement Award

Kayla Michalowski receives award

This annual award which includes a $750 monetary prize is presented on behalf of the school of dentistry alumni society. This award is presented to the most outstanding dental hygiene student overall on the basis of personal character, leadership, and scholarship. These characteristics are embodied by Dr. Kathy Newell, a distinguished alumnus who has dedicated over 30 years to the dental hygiene program at the school of dentistry.

Kayla Michalowski

American Association of Public Health Dentistry Award for Achievement in Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health

Gracie Comeau receives award

This award recognizes and honors a student’s special interest and achievement in community dentistry and dental public health.

Gracie Comeau

Colgate Student Total Achievement Recognition (STAR) Award

This award is given in recognition of a student’s dedication to the dental hygiene profession, compassion in patient care, and enthusiasm for the role of dental hygienist and community service.

Abby Larsen

Dental Hygiene Writing Award

This award recognizes and honors a student’s achievement in writing and is accompanied by a $400 summer semester scholarship.

Rosemary Skriver

Emily Nadeau receives Hu-Friedy award

Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award

This award is given to a dental professional that demonstrates exceptional talents and skills. The award celebrates the recipient’s accomplishments, with the hope that they will proudly display it as a testament to their professional dedication.

Emily Nadeau

Louise C. Ball Scholarship

Dr. Louise Ball had a particular interest in preventive dentistry and established the Louise C. Ball scholarship to financially assist students in the dental hygiene program. The student selected has achieved a higher than average scholastic record, and shows great promise in the field of dental hygiene.

Laesia Jimenez
Paige Teske

Metro Dentalcare Fellow Student Mentor Award

The Metro Dentalcare Fellow Student Mentor Award is given by Metro Dentalcare, a group practice of more than 40 clinics located in the twin cities area. The award recipient is chosen by their underclass as someone who exhibits a high level of interpersonal communication skills, is involved in other activities, and is supportive of dental hygiene students in the underclass.

Rachel Schwartz

Naomi Rhode Dental Hygienist Patient Relationship Award

This award is given in recognition of a graduating student who has exhibited exceptional interpersonal skills with their patients.

Rosemary Skriver

Park Dental Service Excellence Award

The Park Dental Service Excellence Award is presented to a senior student in recognition for their commitment to quality patient care and service to the community. The award is given to a true professional who provides excellent patient service, education, and relationship building.

Sara Vo

River Town Dental Scholarship

This award is presented to a student who has maintained at least a 3.5 GPA and has shown great academic success throughout their program.

Kaelyn Dezell

Schwegler/Lane Family Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a student who has exhibited dedication to providing dental hygiene care to underserved communities and does so with enthusiasm.

Morgan Johnson

Shirley Burgan Lichtwardt Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students with good academic standing and outstanding potential as a dental professional.

Laesia Jimenez
Paige Teske

Holly Henneman

Sigma Phi Alpha Award

This award is presented to outstanding members of each dental hygiene class for maintaining the highest academic standing.

Kaelyn Dezell

Sigma Phi Alpha Elected Student Award

Kylie Shimek receives Sigma Phi Alpha award

This award recognizes and honors scholarship, leadership, character, contribution to the profession and potential of professional growth among graduating dental hygiene students. Each year, faculty select 10% of the graduating class to membership.

Kylie Shimek
Pelisherto Her

Special Care Dentistry Association Student Award

This award is presented to the student who demonstrates a sincere interest and concern for the care of patients with special needs.

Iman Mohamed

Dental Therapy Awards

We’d also like to extend our congratulations to the Dental Therapy Class of 2022 awardees, who were celebrated earlier this summer.

Karl D. Self Student Achievement Award

This award is presented to a senior dental therapy student in recognition of outstanding leadership, scholarship and personal character.

Callie Hanson

Congratulations to the awardees and the entire School of Dentistry Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy Class of 2022!