Two Dentistry Students to Join ASDA District 8 Leadership

Brooke Vierling and Kevin Marzolf

Two School of Dentistry students will assume leadership roles in District 8 of the American Dental Student Association.

Kevin Marzolf, DDS '23, will serve as a member of the District 8 Presidential Council during his tenure as the University of Minnesota ASDA President. Brooke Vierling, DDS '22, will become the Membership & Professional Issues Chair.

District 8 is comprised of six chapter-bearing schools in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska representing the American Student Dental Association, "a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of dental students," according to its website.

For Marzolf, the appointment came along with his role as the University of Minnesota's chapter president. He'll sit on the council along with the other five schools' presidents. The role will feel natural to Marzolf, in some ways, as he’s been involved with ASDA since his first year of dental school, when he served as an ASDA representative for his D1 class.

Marzolf enjoys being part of the association because of "the exposure to topics important in dentistry that aren’t necessarily covered in our courses in school." He values the connection with other students and the ability to advocate for things like licensure reform, barriers to care, and student debt.

Vierling brings with her four years of experience in leadership roles at ASDA as she assumes the Membership & Professional Issues Chair. She became involved with the organization after attending the National Leadership Conference during her D1 year. She has since held leadership positions at the chapter, district, and national levels, representing the University of Minnesota and all students throughout Districts 8 and 9.

Vierling is "ecstatic to be chosen for this role" because “it is a great blend of advocacy and outreach, both of which I have experience with in the past,” she said. She hopes the role can help her encourage others to find their own spot in the association. "There is a role or experience for nearly every interest or passion you have, and it’s a great way to round out your dental school experience."

Marzolf is looking forward to the role, too. "It is an honor to be serving in this role," he reflected. "I hope to use the position as a way to advocate for our Minnesota chapter at a regional level and communicate with leaders from other schools to continually improve our chapter."

"These students have selflessly committed themselves to serving dental students of six institutions over the next year," reflected Heather Moore, RDH, District 8 Trustee from the University of Missouri Kansas City in a letter to School of Dentistry Dean Keith Mays. "This is a large and honorable undertaking, and I consider myself lucky to work with them."