Scholarship: a part of our core work | A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean

One of the high points of being an academic is the feeling one gets when an editor sends the email that says, “It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript…” Having a manuscript accepted in a peer reviewed journal is a great accomplishment in and of itself. Every now and then, some level of additional recognition comes with these publications, such as "Article of the Year," or other additional measure of honoring your work. As Dean, it is always special when our students, staff or faculty publishing manuscripts are honored in this manner.

Covers from JADA Magazine featuring School of Dentistry faculty authors

Dental Professionals are well aware of the three key journals for our profession. They are the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), the Journal of Dental Education (JDE), and the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). Over the past year, on two separate occasions, we have had faculty from our school receive the honor of not only having their manuscripts accepted, but of also being the cover story for that month’s edition.

In August of 2020, Cyndee Stull, RDH, MDH, DHSc (Division of Dental Hygiene) and Elise Sarvas, DDS, MS, MPH (Division of Pediatric Dentistry) were honored by JADA, who published their article “Parent perceptions of dental care providers’ role in human papillomavirus prevention and vaccine advocacy” as the August 2020 cover story. In August of 2021, Dr. Sarvas and colleagues from the Division of Pediatric Dentistry were responsible for the JADA cover story, a paper entitled “Oral health needs among youth with a history of foster care: A population-based study.” As a dental school, we are extremely proud of these kinds of accomplishments by our faculty. Thank you to all of the 116 faculty who contributed to the school’s publications this past year.

Kudos to Dr. Stull and Dr. Sarvas for receiving these honors!