Hospitality | A message from the Dean

Dean Keith Mays in lobby of School of Dentistry office.

I start this message by acknowledging the privilege I have of going on a vacation, and that there are those who are not able to for a variety of circumstances. One way my wife likes to  vacation is by enjoying a cruise. It is an amazing experience in hospitality and feeling welcomed. The cruise industry makes every effort to make  your trip enjoyable, fun, relaxing and adventurous (if you choose). There is an attendant who makes your bed and turns down the sheet at nighttime, cleans your room and gets what you need-within reason, of course. You leave the ship refreshed, relaxed and smiling.

One of our goals at the School of Dentistry is to create a positive experience for everyone in our building. It is not always easy, because we serve patients experiencing personal issues or traumas that impact how they present to us or how they interpret how we present to them. It is not important that we know what their experiences are, but that we appreciate that some of our patients, staff, students or faculty carry unique burdens. Each of us has an opportunity to lighten those burdens with a smile, going the extra mile to help meet their needs or to not react to their emotions. There are limits and a line for what we can do, but on our side of the line, our intent is to provide the best possible experience for everyone in our building.