Full Circle | Jacob Wolf, DDS ’22

Headshot of Jacob Wolf on a branded background

Jacob Wolf, DDS ’22, never expected to be back in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota after graduation—but after a year of practice, he couldn’t be happier with his choice.

Wolf initially chose to pursue dentistry as a career because of the creativity of the field. “Artistry has always been an important aspect of my life,” he explained. “I love being creative and working with my hands, so dentistry felt like a no-brainer. It allows me to express my creativity in a way that provides a service to others.” 

Serving others is an important part of life for Wolf, who is passionate about making a difference. That passion, and the support of friends, got him through the strenuous days of dental school. 

“My time at the School of Dentistry was a hectic time filled with more memories than I can count,” he said. “I’ll never forget the close friends I made and the countless hours passing time in the pre-clinic and clinic.” 

It was during the last year of his program that Wolf began to consider returning home after graduation. “It was never really a thought before then,” he recalled. But “while on outreach, I became more interested in public and community health.” 

He reached out to a clinic he had previously worked with in North Dakota, “and the pieces fell into place from there.”

The first year of practice has been challenging—as he expected. But being close to home makes it a little easier.

“I think being in a familiar community close to family really provides the type of support network I need outside work,” he said. “I’m happy to be home and provide a service to a community I grew up in.” 

And after a year of this life, Wolf is thrilled with the decisions that led him here. 

“I’m constantly striving to provide the best care for my patients,” he said. “While each day is an adventure, I’m happy to be doing it in my hometown.”