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Universal Dental Therapy Curriculum (UDTC)

The Universal Dental Therapy Curriculum (UDTC) is a tool for universities and institutions to establish dental therapy education pathways. The UDTC is an effort to break down barriers in delivering dental therapy education across the nation. The purpose of this tool is to allow universities and institutions to access resources, course content, and templates to help build a strong, competent educational experience.

The purpose of this educational curriculum is to deliver content based on national dental therapy standards for education. The module style delivery allows institutions to view content in areas they individually seek. Each module contains content based on similar courses and levels of dental therapy education. The curriculum is composed of 7 modules which include:

  • Applied Sciences
  • Introduction to Dental Therapy Topics
  • Dental Sciences
  • Dental Therapy Scope of Practice
  • Dental Therapy Public Health and Professionalism
  • Clinical Systems
  • Capstone

Each module contains 5-7 courses that are aimed to educate on national dental therapy standards for educating dental therapists. The curriculum is designed to allow dental therapy educators a chance to view, utilize and modify courses to allow streamlined access to their educational institutions.

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