Spring Mandatory and Core Training for the Entire Dental Team

Complete your mandatory and core CE credit requirements with our full-day, fast-moving Zoom webinar. This $95 course, the last of our COVID reduced-fee webinar series, is an extraordinary opportunity to hear four energetic, informative presenters. You and your entire dental team will update infection control practices, consider the ethical issues and technological advancements in implants, and improve your oral cancer detection strategies and record keeping. The day will close with a unique opportunity to assess the scientific study of happiness and realistic strategies to improve your work and life satisfaction.

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May 7, 2021 8:30 am - May 7, 2021 3:45 pm

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Zoom Webinar

Course Number: CF2757



Implants: New Digital Technology to Ethical Considerations

Learn How To
  • Discuss new trends in digital and implant technology
  • Analyze the pitfalls and benefits of new digital and implant technology integrations
  • Weigh the financial and ethical issues that arise when integrating new technology into your practice

Oral Cancer Detection Strategies from a Pathology Pro

Learn How To
  • Analyze the spectrum of oral precancer lesions and the potential progression to cancer
  • Discuss the significance of screening and early detection
  • Use non-invasive diagnotic and screening tools

Infection Control – What Happens Now?

Learn How To
  • Identify up-to-date CDC and OSHA requirements & recommendations
  • Discuss infection control best practices since COVID began and why they should stay in practice long-term
  • Analyze recent unnecessary and ineffective infection control trends

Happiness 101: Science-based, Real-world Ways to Feel A Little Bit Happier Every Day

Learn How To
  • Develop a resilient mindset during times of adversity and significant challenges
  • Understand the science of happiness and how it impacts daily life
  • Identify creative, often counterintuitive, ways to lead a happier work and personal life 

Training Methods

Lecture, discussion and case studies