Soft Tissue Diode Laser Certification for the Dental Hygienist

As lasers become an ever more important therapy for the non-surgical management of periodontal disease, dental hygienists must complete robust training to maximize the benefit of lasers while ensuring our patient's and the dental team's safety. At the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, our laser training adheres to the educational standards and guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care. Join our instructor, Angie Wallace, as she focuses on the innovative use of lasers, safety, patient management, and clinical guidelines. You will also increase your expertise through instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on laser experiences using sample animal tissue. Upon successfully completing the program, you will be prepared to sit for the ANSI[AM3] certification exam.

Course Audience:

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February 3, 2023 12:30 pm - February 4, 2023 3:00 pm

All times for all events are in local Central Time.

Session Location: 

Lynda J. Young Conference Room
6-410 Moos HS Tower
Minneapolis Campus

Course Number: CF2919

Enrollment is limited to 30



Learn How To

  • Gauge your initial understanding of lasers and their usage
  • Discuss the fundamentals of lasers, including the production, characteristics, delivery systems, and emission modes of light
  • Summarize the effects of lasers on tissue
  • Review laser types, device characteristics, and clinical applications
  • Reflect on today’s laser safety standards and regulatory requirements
  • Operate laser instrumentation
  • Ensure infection control standards are met
  • Examine treatment sequence and patient management
  • Assess healing
  • Analyze practice management issues, including financial and insurance considerations, malpractice, ethics, record keeping, and informed consent
  • Prepare for the Standard Proficiency Examination written and clinical components
    Topics will include:
    1. basic level understanding in dental laser usage
    2. specific laser proficiency and laboratory knowledge
    3. demonstrated clinical proficiency simulation with at least one wavelength

Training Methods

Illustrated lectures, discussion, demonstration, and laboratory exercises.

If your office uses lasers, please bring yours to class—allowing you to receive in-depth training and practice using your office equipment.