Orthodontic Procedures Certificate for the Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you have been granted an expanded scope of practice by the State of Minnesota as described in Minnesota Rule 3100.8700, Subpart 2a, Item A. The new Rule allows you to perform orthodontic procedures and provide a wider-range of orthodontic care under varying levels of supervision—expanding your patient care skills and career opportunities. Our course features efficient orthodontic approaches taught by leading thinkers from the University of Minnesota’s Dental Hygiene program and the Division of Orthodontics. With an eye toward team-based, practical care, our faculty will give you the skills you need to begin working within this expanded capacity the very next day.

Course Audience:

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February 24, 2023 9:00 am - February 25, 2023 5:00 pm

All times for all events are in local Central Time.

Session Location: 

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Course Number: CF3367

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Please review the Minnesota Administrative Rules before registering for this course.

Learn How To

  • Collaborate with your dentists when providing orthodontic care under general, indirect, and direct supervision
  • Assess best practices in current standards of orthodontic care
  • Consider safety for you and your patient
  • Place and remove elastic orthodontic separators and discuss their purpose with your patients
  • Pre-select and fit orthodontic bands and understand their design features
  • Place initial arch wires in orthodontic appliances
  • Place and remove ligature ties and remove and replace existing archwires on orthodontic appliances
  • Decide when to use elastomeric ligatures, metal ligatures, elastomeric chains, lace backs and other modes of ligation
  • Etch enamel surfaces before bonding of orthodontic appliances
  • Analyze etched and non-etched surfaces
  • Attach pre-fit and pre-adjusted orthodontic appliances
  • Remove excess bond material with hand instruments and evaluate successful removal
  • Remove fixed orthodontic bands and brackets
  • Apply the various techniques to debond metal brackets, self-ligating brackets, and ceramic brackets
  • Debond brackets on porcelain veneers and crowns
  • Remove bond material from teeth with rotary instruments after removal of orthodontic appliances
  • Evaluate the enamel surface after adhesive removal
  • Manage cases with poor oral hygiene, hyperplastic tissue, and teeth with white spots
  • Define indications and contraindications of removable retainers
  • Deliver vacuum-formed orthodontic retainers
  • Inform patients about origins of post-treatment changes 

Required Pre-reading Assignment

This course requires a two-hour pre-reading assignment. This assignment will be emailed to you shortly before the course.