Implant Coordinator Certificate - Zoom Webinar

As the need for implant care expands exponentially, having a well-trained implant coordinator is more crucial than ever. Implant coordinators ensure that your patients have all-important education and financial conversations while receiving well-organized care. Effective implant coordinators can take over right after a dentist has diagnosed and created a treatment plan, holding patients’ hands through every step of the process. This full-day course will help your practice staff become the implant coordinator every forward-thinking dental office needs. You’ll engage with our experience presenter, Karen Young, FAIDA. Attendees will learn how to effectively educate patients and explain procedures, review and complete all consent forms and financial arrangements, and oversee implant cases to completion. In addition, this full-day, Zoom-only course will provide first-rate insight into surgical and prosthetic procedures, case presentation, communication skills, and oversight of all phases of implant care.

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October 20, 2023 8:30 am - October 20, 2023 3:45 pm

All times for all events are in local Central Time.

Zoom Webinar

Course Number: CF3843



Learn How To

  • Maximize referrals for implant care
  • Determine which patients benefit from implant care and why
  • Answer the most common questions patients and their families consider when discussing implant care
  • Bolster your patient acceptance strategy
  • Establish your role in pre and post-patient care
  • Discuss the implant and patient care process with laboratory professionals and your dental team

Course Topics

The Great Big World of Implants

  • Discuss the history of dental implants
  • Develop a rationale and “elevator speech” detailing the benefits of dental implants
  • Create a cheat sheet with the current terminology of implants
  • Develop an understanding of the Indications of dental implants
  • Be able to discuss the consequences of lack of treatment and implant care 
  • Analyze today’s standard implant systems, such as Immediate Implants, Teeth In A Day, Implants With Locators, and All On Four 

High-quality Service: Taking the Implant Leadership Role by the Horns

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a trained implant coordinator
  • Learn how to describe the actual value of an implant coordinator 
  • Develop essential attributes of an implant coordinator
  • Oversee treatment plans, including developing practical intra-office communication skills
  • Establish your consultation area, including an inviting environment for vital discussions
  • Build up your talent for presenting concepts through visual aids and patient teaching aids

Communication is Everything

  • Assess common personality types and effective methods for communication with those who are different from you
  • Consider how, when, and why consumers make buying decisions
  • Corral patients and help them set realistic expectations 
  • Connect with patients on a meaningful level to help them understand their conditions and needs
  • Educate patients and your dental team on the value of dental implant services
  • Consider what types of tech and communication methods work best to educate patients 
  • Develop quick, effective responses to commonly asked implant questions
  • Craft your response to patient objections
  • Create your style for case presentation, from the greeting to the goodbye
  • Discuss treatment plans with convincing, patient-centered language
  • Show fees and financial options in a way that speaks to your patients and their families 

Connecting the Dots: Clinical Procedures and Treatment Planning

  • Identify surgical and restorative implant procedures and components
  • Consider concepts in co-diagnosis and proper treatment planning
  • Ensure your office’s branded pre-op appointment and documentation, consent forms, and prescription forms are easy to use and share
  • Develop a series of post-surgical care documents
  • Establish your appointment scheduling plan and communicate that with your dental team

Amp Up Patient Referrals and Make Friends with the Lab

  • Create new strategies to increase implant patient referrals from current and new patients
  • Ensure you are communicating effectively with partnering practice, including those who refer and those who are not referring patients
  • Update your methods for communication between dental practices, case management, referrals, and new patients
  • Track and share information with laboratory professionals

Training Methods

Illustrated lectures, discussion and case studies