Fall 2024 Mandatory & Fundamental Continuing Education Credits for the Entire Dental Team - Zoom Webinar

Fall is the perfect opportunity to enhance your approach to everyday practice by going back to school as a dental team. Our keynote presentation focuses on using best practices to create a better dental practice and improve the lives of your team members. Kirk Behrendt, our keynote speaker, will provide valuable insights on updating your practice and adopting the best practices of dental offices worldwide. Following Kirk's keynote, Nancy Dewhirst will give an essential presentation, where you will earn the required infection control and OSHA credits necessary for licensure. After your lunch break, Stephanie Botts will focus on how your team can support and care for patients with substance use disorders. With the right skills and confidence, dental professionals can serve as the first line of defense against risky substance use. The afternoon ends with Dr. Robert Nadeau presenting essential information on managing medical emergencies as a team and the legal requirements of rendering emergency care in your dental office. 

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September 13, 2024 8:30 am - September 13, 2024 3:45 pm

All times for all events are in local Central Time.

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Zoom Webinar

Course Number: CF4382



Learn How To

Keynote: Best Practices for a Better Life in Dentistry

  • Adopt best practices for creating a successful dental practice

  • Identify and implement strategies to improve team communication and collaboration

Annual OSHA Training and Infection Control: Are We Safe “Enough"? 

  • Gain knowledge and skills related to infection control and OSHA compliance

  • Recognize and manage bloodborne, contact, droplet, and airborne diseases

  • Identify best practices to protect workers and patients

  • Review physical, biological, and chemical Hazard Communications

The Dental Professional’s Role in Supporting Patients with Substance Use Disorder 

  • Understand substance use disorder as a treatable medical condition

  • Understand opioid use disorder and alternative therapies to control pain

  • Identify how a substance use disorder progresses

  • Recognize the physical and psychological changes consistent with substance use disorder

  • Communicate effectively with patients and team members about substance use disorder

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office 

  • Acquire essential information on managing medical emergencies in a dental practice

  • Understand the dangers related to in-office medical emergencies

  • Create a team-based approach to managing medical emergencies in the dental office

  • Become knowledgeable about the legal requirements of rendering emergency care in your office

Training Methods

Illustrated lectures, discussion and case studies