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Our top stories in 2023

This year was filled with growth, learning and discovery at the School of Dentistry, and our news stories reflected that. We shared 101 stories last year, and our news stories were read more than 51,000 times. 

Alex Tabatabai outdoors at Moos Tower

Bridging two worlds

Alex Tabatabai, DDS ’25, did not have a typical start to life—but his early experiences shaped who he is today, and the dentist he will become.

Group of students playing tennis, ice skating, and helping a child play a drum

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Dental school is tough. It’s all-consuming, and becomes a lifestyle. Not much time is left for personal endeavors. But some learners have made maintaining outside hobbies a priority—and in the process, they’ve become more effective, efficient and empathetic students and providers.