Doing Research Studies in the OHCRC

The OHCRC faculty and personnel are available to:

  1. Mentor and facilitate faculty clinical research ideas and interests.
  2. Assist faculty with submitting proposals for funding.
  3. Provide faculty with research personnel and clinical space for funded research.
  4. Provide access to data, data searches and consulting on informatics technology.

To learn more about #1-3, please contact Dr. Eric Schiffman (cell: 651 338 3344, [email protected]).

To learn more about #4, contact Nikhita Kutala, the OHCRC’s Data Analyst and Informatics Consultant at [email protected]. Consultations and services are free for SOD personnel. For more details on the services provided, see the OHCRC Dental Access and Informatics webpage.

If you have a research idea, we can help with all phases of the project:

Research Phases to ideas, to I R B, to Data Collection, to Data Analysis, to Manuscript Prep and Submission to Use preliminary data for grant proposal. Research Consultants to Dr. Schiffman, to Coordinator, to Epidemiologist or other coordinator, to statistician.