Job Well Done | A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) is the accrediting agency for US Dental, Dental Hygiene and Advanced Education (specialty) Programs. Every seven years the predoctoral program is reviewed by CODA. In order to undergo this comprehensive review, programs must prepare well in advance and it takes a team of faculty and staff to make a successful process.

Our lead staff person on this project, Mallory Hedquist, is the academic services coordinator in the Office of Student and Resident Affairs. I have to give a huge shout out to her for all of her efforts in reviewing, editing, collating and communicating with faculty, staff and CODA to ensure all necessary documents were completed and uploaded on-time. Mallory, thank you for the constant reminders and keeping everything on track.

Early in the process we established an Accreditation Steering Committee to prepare and manage the predoctoral program documents. I would like to thank our former dean, Dr. Gary Anderson, for the privilege to serve as the lead on this committee. I am thankful for all the work the Steering Committee did including writing the response to each standard; reaching out to faculty and staff for information; and being interviewed by the site visitors. Kudos!

Thank you to Mr. Paul Andersen, Dr. David Bereiter, Ms. Molly Gage, Dr. Gary Hildebrandt, Mr. Joel Hueschele, Ms. Sara Johnson, Dr. Brent Larson, Dr. Naty Lopez, Dr. Kim Mansky, Dr. Wook-Jin Seong, Dr. Todd Thierer, and Dr. Karin Quick. There are several subcommittees with many more individuals who’s contribution to this project were invaluable. I would also like to thank all who provided images to me last week, it made our school presentation absolutely wonderful.

Thank you to Drs. Blue, Conrad, Kaimal, Karp, Lakschevitz, Larson, Noblett, Stull, Zheng and your staff that worked so hard to make each of your site visits a success. Finally, I would like to thank Julia Cross, Molly Cruitt, and Maureen Lovestrand for managing so many logistical matters and creating video tours for each of the programs. 

I know that many of you who are unnamed also contributed in unique ways to make this a success, and for that I am incredibly appreciative.

Again, thank you for an awesome team effort!!!