Sven-Ulrik Gorr, PhD



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18-154 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences,
Division of Basic Sciences




MSc, University of Copenhagen
Major: Biochemistry

PhD, University of Copenhagen
Major: Biochemistry

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Research Summary

The Gorr laboratory develops antimicrobial peptides with activity against drug-resistant Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria and their biofilms. Current projects are focused on understanding bacterial resistance mechanisms and determine how some antimicrobial peptides can overcome these mechanisms while bacteria are resistant to closely related peptides. These insights inform translational work, which is focused in bringing improved and well-characterized antimicrobial peptides to the clinic. Apart from the PI, the laboratory employs no full-time staff. Using lean principles, we find efficiencies in employing technical specialists and collaborating with leaders in their field to venture into basic microbiology, structural biology and drug development.


Selected Publications

Gorr, S.-U., Brigman, H.V., Anderson, J.C., Hirsch, E.B. The antimicrobial peptide DGL13K is active against resistant gram-negative bacteria and subinhibitory concentrations stimulate bacterial growth without causing resistance. PLoS One, 17(8):e0273504 (2022). doi:

Gorr S-U, Chen R, Abrahante JE, Joyce PBM. The oral pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis resists the antimicrobial peptide LGL13K and evades the D-enantiomer by synonymous mutations in hagA. bioRxiv. 2023:2023.09.07.556717. doi:

Nandula, S. R., Huxford, I., Wheeler, T. T., Aparicio, C., Gorr, S., 2020. The parotid secretory protein BPIFA2 is a salivary surfactant that affects LPS action. Experimental Physiology, 105 (8): 1280-1292.

Gorr, S., 2020. The salivary protein BPIFA2 differentially regulates sodium preference and blood pressure in male and female mice. Experimental Results, 1 E18.

Gorr, S. U., Flory, C. M., Schumacher, R. J., 2019. In vivo activity and low toxicity of the second-generation antimicrobial peptide DGL13K. PLoS One, 14 (5): e0216669.

Hirt, H., Hall, J. W., Larson, E., Gorr, S. U., 2018. A D-enantiomer of the antimicrobial peptide GL13K evades antimicrobial resistance in the Gram positive bacteria Enterococcus faecalis and Streptococcus gordonii. PLoS One, 13 (3): e0194900.

Bechinger, B., Gorr, S. U., 2017. Antimicrobial Peptides: Mechanisms of Action and Resistance. J Dent Res, 96 (3): 254-260.

Harmouche, N., Aisenbrey, C., Porcelli, F., Xia, Y., Nelson, S. E., Chen, X., Raya, J., Vermeer, L., Aparicio, C., Veglia, G., Gorr, S. U., Bechinger, B., 2017. Solution and Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structural Investigations of the Antimicrobial Designer Peptide GL13K in Membranes. Biochemistry, 56 (32): 4269-4278.

Chen, X., Hirt, H., Li, Y., Gorr, S. U., Aparicio, C., 2014. Antimicrobial-peptide coating that ruptures the wall of Gram positive bacteria. Dental Materials, 30 (0): e86-e87.

Chen, X., Hirt, H., Li, Y., Gorr, S. U., Aparicio, C., 2014. Antimicrobial GL13K peptide coatings killed and ruptured the wall of Streptococcus gordonii and prevented formation and growth of biofilms. PLoS One, 9 (11): e111579.

Balhara, V., Schmidt, R., Gorr, S. U., Dewolf, C., 2013. Membrane selectivity and biophysical studies of the antimicrobial peptide GL13K. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1828 (9): 2193-203.

Holmberg, K. V., Abdolhosseini, M., Li, Y., Chen, X., Gorr, S. U., Aparicio, C., 2013. Bio-inspired stable antimicrobial peptide coatings for dental applications. Acta Biomater, 9 (9): 8224-31.

Mestres, G., Abdolhosseini, M., Bowles, W., Huang, S. H., Aparicio, C., Gorr, S. U., Ginebra, M. P., 2013. Antimicrobial properties and dentin bonding strength of magnesium phosphate cements. Acta Biomater, 9 (9): 8384-93.

Hirt, H., Gorr, S. U., 2013. Antimicrobial peptide GL13K is effective in reducing biofilms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 57 (10): 4903-10.

Gilbertsen, A., Hirt, H., Gorr, S., Williams, B., 2013. The Antimicrobial Peptide GL13K Is Effective Against Pseudomonas Biofilms But Toxic To The Lung. American Thoracic Society International Conference American Thoracic Society, 187 A4551-A4551.
doi: doi:10.1164/ajrccm-conference.2013.187.1_MeetingAbstracts.A4551

Abdolhosseini, M., Sotsky, J. B., Shelar, A. P., Joyce, P. B., Gorr, S. U., 2012. Human parotid secretory protein is a lipopolysaccharide-binding protein: identification of an anti-inflammatory peptide domain. Mol Cell Biochem, 359 (1-2): 1-8.

Gorr, S. U., 2012. Antimicrobial peptides in periodontal innate defense. Front Oral Biol, 15 84-98.

Gorr, S. U., Wennblom, T. J., Horvath, S., Wong, D. T., Michie, S. A., 2012. Text-mining applied to autoimmune disease research: the Sjogren's syndrome knowledge base. BMC Musculoskelet Disord, 13 119.

Abdolhosseini, M., Nandula, S. R., Song, J., Hirt, H., Gorr, S. U., 2012. Lysine substitutions convert a bacterial-agglutinating peptide into a bactericidal peptide that retains anti-lipopolysaccharide activity and low hemolytic activity. Peptides, 35 (2): 231-8.

Horvath, S., Nazmul-Hossain, A. N., Pollard, R. P., Kroese, F. G., Vissink, A., Kallenberg, C. G., Spijkervet, F. K., Bootsma, H., Michie, S. A., Gorr, S. U., Peck, A. B., Cai, C., Zhou, H., Wong, D. T., 2012. Systems analysis of primary Sjogren's syndrome pathogenesis in salivary glands identifies shared pathways in human and a mouse model. Arthritis Res Ther, 14 (6): R238.

Grants and Patents

Selected Grants

DGL13K as a novel treatment of joint infections
Principal Investigator: Gorr, Sven Ulrik
UMN Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry and Scholarship
Award Dates: 2023 - 2025

Optimizing Skin-Skin Implant Interface of Osseointegration
Principal Investigator: Gorr, Sven Ulrik
Award Dates: 2021 - 2023

Pre-clinical development of antimicrobial peptides
Principal Investigator: Gorr, Sven Ulrik
Sponsoring Organization: ACADEMIC CONSORTIUM 21
Award Dates: 2020 - 2021

A second-generation antimicrobial peptide for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI).
Principal Investigator: Gorr, Sven Ulrik
Sponsoring Organization: STATE OF MINNESOTA
Award Dates: 2019 - 2023


US Patent #8,569,449 B2 “Synthetic peptides and peptide mimetics” (2014)

US Patent #9,914,750 “Synthetic peptides and peptide mimetics” (2018)

US Patent application US 2021/0147496 Al “Peptides, Hydrogel compositions and methods of use thereof” (2021)