Orofacial Pain campaign

Why Orofacial Pain?

  • Orofacial pain effects 22% of Americans each year*
  • The University of Minnesota has made tremendous progress in identifying and treating chronic pain that leads to opioid addiction.
  • The University’s multidisciplinary consultative Facial Pain team utilizes clinical research to provide excellent patient care and educate future practitioners.

The Facial Pain Clinic provides care to patients with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), jaw, head, and/or neck pain disorders, including clicking, locking of the TMJ, or difficulty using the jaw, as well as conditions including burning mouth, and sleep disorders including sleep apnea and snoring.

The University of Minnesota recognizes that you can’t solve facial pain without including dentistry. The multidisciplinary approach within the Facial Pain Clinic involves experts from Dentistry, Neurosurgery, Neurology, ENT, Pharmacy, and Psychology.

The School of Dentistry’s Division of Orofacial Pain is nationally recognized in pain management and treatment. Our research is directly related to patient care, our program attracts the best residents in the nation, and our patient care is regionally sought after.

There is a lack of awareness about the solutions this clinic provides within the medical and dental communities, which leads to an access problem for patients.

This fundraising initiative seeks to increase awareness of the program, while securing support for an endowed faculty position. It is the intention of the Division to utilize this professorship in ways that will promote the Facial Pain Clinic and the Division of Orofacial Pain to both practitioners and patients. The Facial Pain Clinic and the Division of Orofacial Pain is a solution that many who suffer from chronic pain are seeking.

Our goal is to secure major gifts totaling $3 million to support Orofacial Pain priorities.

  • Endowed faculty position to recruit leading practitioners and educators.
  • Discretionary program support to build patient and practitioner awareness.

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