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Ronald Sakaguchi headshot

Alumnus Sakaguchi becomes dean of Oregon Health & Science University

Sakaguchi’s time at the School of Dentistry prepared him well for his future. In fact, he is one of three prosthodontics graduates who graduated in consecutive years and went on to become deans: Gary Anderson, DDS, MS, completed training a year before him, and a year after Sakaguchi completed his studies, Ihab Hammad, BDS, MS, PhD, completed his and became dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Alexandria University. 

Emerson Gonyea, DDS ’23, and Jenna Gardner, MDT ’22

A Match Made at McNamara

For Emerson Gonyea, DDS ’23, and Jenna Gardner, MDT ’22, the School of Dentistry has been a key part of their love story. Now, it’s a main character in their engagement story, too.

A new day in oral health care

Celebrating a new day in oral health care

“Welcome to a new day for Minnesotans on public programs who want to seek dental care,” Sheila Riggs, DDS, MS, PhD, chair of the Department of Primary Dental Care, proclaimed Wednesday, October 20.