Current Data Requests

These are the current data searches being done by School of Dentistry faculty.

Study Name
SUNCT/SUNA: A Case Series Beth Morrey
Post-op complications of single visit non-surgical root canal treatment in symptomatic vs asymptomatic patients Christopher Lai
School of Dentistry Faculty Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns for Acute infections and Prophylaxis Daniel Skaar
Caffeine and Dental Caries Gary Hildebrandt
Dental Implant Post Survival John Look
Autogenous gingival grafts in the socket seal technique Barbara Botorous
Evaluating Success of Early Second Molar Substitution Amy Tasca
Paroxysmal hemicrania: A Case Series Donald Nixdorf
Oral Health Status of Special Needs Pediatric Patients Quentin Knutson
Endodontically treated tooth restoration study Wook-Jin Seong
3M Foundation 2021 Application Alex Fok
In vivo Investigation of Tooth-Composite Interface Hooi Pin Chew
Mapping Oral Disease in a Single Metric Mike John
BigMouth Dental Data Repository Gary Anderson
Hydrogen Peroxide in the Clinic to Minimize Risk of COVID-19 Rachel Uppgaard
Opioid prescribing pattern at UM SOD compare to other SOD that participates on BigMouth database Harold Tu
Is Dental Data positioned for Machine Learning and AI to improve children's dental health? Douglas Weiher
Outcomes of primary molar sealants placed in high caries risk population: a 5 year follow-up Megan Welborn
Metabolomics and Peri-implantitis Massimo Costalonga
Retrospective study evaluating link between dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia and frequency of recall in a pediatric population Elise Sarvas
Pediatric Residency QI Jeff Karp
Patient Recruitment Michelle Arnett
Paraoxysmal hemicrania: A Case Series Donald Nixdorf
EDGE-Ortho2 in AHC-IE Paul Andersen