New Provider Symposium 2023: Mandatory and Fundamental Continuing Dental Education Credits for New-to-practice Dental Professionals - Zoom Webinar

Let's face it, jumping into a new dental practice, and your chosen profession is nerve-wracking. Even the most educated young professionals wonder, "What if I've worked so hard to get here, and the work isn't what I expected?"

During this fast-moving event you'll join motivational speaker, professional coach, and dentist Tsitsi Hungwe, DMD, to build strategies for improving your emotional intelligence and conflict management skills. Our afternoon features the ins and outs of the Minnesota Board of Dentistry and establishing career-long habits for infection control and workplace safety. Your day will end with an invitation to envision a future steeped in innovation, entrepreneurship, and the unexpected.

This course is designed specifically for dentists, therapists, and hygienists who have seven years or fewer in practice.

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October 27, 2023 8:30 am - October 27, 2023 3:45 pm

Zoom Webinar

Course Number: CF811



Learn How To

Yes, You’re a Smartie. But Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Young dental professionals with vital Emotional Intelligence (EI) have internal motivation, self-awareness, a desire to explore diverse perspectives, and the ability to conquer doubts and insecurities. You’ll work with our presenter to discuss the benefits of developing a higher level of EI to launch your career and deploy a more exuberant you.

  • Assess the types of EI found in today’s literature
  • Take part in an EI quiz and examine your areas of strength and development, from operating with integrity to setting well-placed boundaries
  • Discuss cases where limited EI negatively impacted desired outcomes versus situations where high levels of EI propelled young professionals forward

Conflict Management Strategies: Staying Authentic While Turning Down the Heat 

Coming into a new practice and finding your true meaning within an existing office team is never easy. When working with long-term or newer employees, you'll face preconceived notions about how you should behave, utilize current systems, or fit into the culture. Our presenter will help you build conflict management skills that will help you find common ground in everyday situations.

  • Mesh with the dental office culture while showing up as the real you
  • Assess Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Analyze conflicts and consider what could have been done during these experiences to find common ground and move the needle forward
  • Recognize when conflict can be good for the team and the trajectory of your career 
  • Discuss cases you can use the Agreement Frame to address everyday office conflicts, from patient care planning to daily office operations to politics

The New Provider’s Field Guide to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry

The Minnesota Board of Dentistry aims to promote and protect public health and safety while ensuring every licensed dental professional practicing in the state meets the requirements for safe, competent, and ethical practice. This regulatory body is composed of working dental professionals.

  • Discuss the role of the Board of Dentistry
  • Consider how you can become involved in Board initiatives throughout your career
  • Assess the most common types of complaints and actions that impact new providers and their practices

Building Your Game Plan Around Infection Control and Safety

Even with the support of your dental office and countless trained professionals, lapses in Infection control and safety protocol can crush a dental career in seconds. Working with Karen Dawn, the OSHA Lady, you'll consider the who, what, where, why, and when of how you must manage your own safety culture while meeting your workplace's standards. You'll love Karen's fun presentation style and innovative approach to this every day yet essential information.

  • Analyze the regulatory bodies and organizations that influence infection control and safety in dentistry
  • Consider your role in infection control and protection as a new provider
  • Build a culture of safety within your dental practice while maintaining a sense of fun and collaboration in the office
  • Play with apps and online forms that can streamline your approaches to infection control and safety

You’re Approved for Take Off

Berkeley researchers find taking time to think about your future is important. It helps us make better decisions, motivates us to achieve our short- and long-term goals, improves well-being, and helps us to be more kind and generous. Join Dr. Bryan Larkin for a discussion about your future inside and outside of dentistry. Chances are, you’ll leave the presentation able to chart a path toward a happier and more meaningful career and life.

  • Consider what you really want from your career
  • Analyze the vast pool of opportunities today’s dental professionals pursue - from consulting, to content development, to continuing education
  • Launch your entrepreneurial spirit toward next-generation dentistry and tech innovation

Training Methods

Illustrated lectures, discussions, and case studies